06/25/2013 09:35

Syria / Al-Raqqa :An american leads an attack on brigade 93 of the syrian army




SyriaTube |  Syria / Al-Raqqa : an american leads and attack on brigade 93 of the syrian army using rebels from jabhet al nosra who America has listed on the terrorist list.



  1. حسين says:

    tell the american the son of zion that all Syria is with the Lion

  2. Axes says:

    the syrien army must close the border to turkey. to stop the deal with weapons for the terrorists.

  3. Be sure that if he is not killed in syria he will go back to America where he will carry out terrorist attacks.He has the gene of terrorism in his blood .

  4. kostas says:

    fucking American intelligence !hope he falls alive to the hands of Syrian Army

  5. kostas says:

    they coming in from all directions!

  6. dave says:

    They are like Rats,they need to be eradicated

  7. DsekOne says:

    Well Really The Syrian government is lying to there civilians saying that the Americans are against when really they are fighting for freedom the Syrian government is about everything but freedom yes just cause you don’t see your Syrian army torturing people and beheading people doesn’t mean they aren’t doing it… why do you think that people are trying to stop Al assaad